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Home / News / Winter boat prep - and don't forget that we're still open.
Home / News / Winter boat prep - and don't forget that we're still open.

Winter boat prep - and don't forget that we're still open.

Published 17:58 on 7 Nov 2021

Just A quick reminder to everyone to prepare you boats at MPSC for the winter.

All boats (and kayaks) need to be tied down securely. Imagine the damage that can happen if your boat is blown onto someone else's craft? In fact, that's actually the cause of most damage and insurance claims.

If any of you have boats with masts that sit in mast pots (like my Lightning) maybe consider taking your mast out over the winter. If the water in the pot freezes whilst your mast is in then it will expand and can crack the mast pot. With the mast out then whilst water might still collect and freeze, at least it will simply expand upwards and escape through the mast hole easily enough.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that part of your condition of sailing at MPSC is that your craft is insured. Can those with kayaks, SUPS etc also think seriously about insurance, at least 3rd party insurance.
Think of the damage your kayak could do if it crashed into a very expensive model yacht, or if you hurt someone while on your paddleboard? I have found Kayak/SUP insurance through Insure4sport
Some good/reputable Dinghy insurance companies are Craftinsure, GJW Direct and Noble

Finally, don't forget that everyone must wear a buoyancy aid while on the water, beach or jetties.

On a more positive note, winter can be a great time to be on the water, as the wind can be more consistent as the trees lose their leaves to give us a much less shifty breeze. Cooler air is also a bit more stable so quite often less gusty too.

Can we also assure you that the club is open for your use every day throughout the year. No restrictions as to when, We just ask that, if you're on your own, then please pay careful attention to the prevailing conditions as safety cover won't be provided outside of the regular training days.

Again, Your club is open for everyone, every day throughout the year, so make the most of your membership and what can often be some of the nicest days.


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